About US

We built this site to have streaming video, downloadable ebooks, simple home inspection checklist guides, and online classes to make the home inspection process easy to understand.

Our clients: are like you first time home buyer, property managers, avid investor, or a realtor previewing properties for prospective buyers. We provide the tools to ensure the home inspection process is Easy To Understand and Inspect. Making the complicated EZ.

Our team: we have recruited and built a team of professional that span generations across the real estate industry. Our team of inspectors have inspected over 35,000 homes and septic systems in the last 30 yrs. Our contractors have built and repaired 100’s of homes. Our realtors lead their area of business and are innovators in their field.

As we continue to grow and build this site we look forward to hearing from you.

Call direct with questions: 206.931.0506

Email: Farren@EZ2Inspect.com